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Unstuck Pelvic Physiotherapy

If you are feeling disconnected, embarrassed, frustrated, or stuck with your body we can help! At Unstuck Physio our aim is to empower women to make mindful decisions about their physio care. Our goal is to teach women to reconnect with their body and support them in becoming their best self.

Mikaela Wattie

I was nearly 3 years post pregnancy when I visited Vicki the first time. I believed at that time that I had likely waited too long to ‘fix’ my pelvic floor but I thought ‘oh heck, what do I have to lose’? Not only did Vicki help me heal physically, but she encouraged emotional and spiritual healing as well. Vicki made me feel safe, seen, heard and STRONG. I learned to respect my body in a way that I had never before. AND, after a few visits, I no longer peed every time I sneezed (bonus!!).

I can’t thank Vicki enough for the support and the new perspective she has offered me and I would recommend her to literally anyone. She taught me that it’s truly never too late to heal. Thank you Vicki. Your love for this career you’ve chosen is inspiring and your genuine care is undeniable.

Lisa Jibb

Vicki has so much knowledge and is the kindest, most inviting person, I instantly felt comfortable and was able to get such relief after seeing her. After having 2 children I struggled with abdominal and pelvic heaviness and discomfort, along with bladder issues as well. After my son was born this was worse and so when he was 16 months old I decided I needed to see someone. Being a nurse myself I knew about postpartum changes that can occur but I knew something just was not right. Society sometimes leads us as moms to believe that those changes are “normal” and just part of having children.

Vicki confirmed this for me and after 3 sessions with her I feel so much better. It was such a healing process, not only through pelvic floor therapy but also through our conversations while I was there. I think everyone postpartum should have pelvic floor therapy because no one should have to live feeling uncomfortable. She is a true asset to our community, and advocate for women’s health. Vicki, I cannot thank you enough.

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