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My Story

After having my two children I felt stuck. Stuck with sciatic pain, tearing, abdominal separation, leaking and prolapse.

Stuck with a body – that once functioned so well and delivered two healthy babies – but then left me feeling discouraged and defeated. I was not willing to accept the pain and discomfort.

Vicki Lafleur
Almonte physiotherapist, Vicki Lafleur

Even though I kept hearing that what I was feeling was “normal” and ”something that comes after childbirth”, I was not willing to accept being stuck. I was determined to become un-stuck…

My first visit with a pelvic floor physiotherapist was life-changing. Immediately, I felt empowered that I could recover and feel comfortable in my body again.

Almonte Physiotherapist

This appointment led me down a path to healing from my own births and ignited a drive to help other women recover from theirs. In 2016, I completed my training to practice pelvic floor therapy and I have continued to expand my learning in this focus area ever since.

The courses that I take center on preparing womens’ bodies for pregnancy, birth and healing postpartum. Most importantly, they’ve taught me that pelvic floor muscles are just one factor in the postpartum recovery process. Specifically, that a woman’s mindset, nervous system, organs, tissues and muscles all play a part in restoring body balance after birth.

Today, I am proud to practice a holistic approach to physiotherapy. One that considers the body’s “mechanical” functions along with internal factors that keep women stuck in chronic pain with debilitating conditions. I feel compelled to share my knowledge with other women in my community, and I opened my home practice in Almonte, Ontario in 2021.

My clinic exists to create a safe, welcoming environment to support women in healing so they can reclaim their pelvic health on their own terms.

Ready to feel unstuck?

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